(I love how the window treatments capture the eerie glow in the movie's hotel window and yes I realize that there are more orange chairs)
All Alkemie readers may have seen her mention the Vertigo Hotel last week, but for those who didn't; I had to revisit it. This cool hotel is in San Francisco and inspired by, what else...Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo. This is one of my favorite movies, ever! I am a Hitchcock fanatic and Vertigo is by far my favorite movie of his. So you can imagine my excitement to see photos of this hotel. How soon can I get there, I wonder?

When it comes to set design, Vertigo always tops the list as my favorite. It combines great Mid century style with classic San Francisco architecture. I especially love Scottie's (Jimmy Stewart) apartment. Love every detail. I have to admit that I am also intrigued by a hotel getting its inspiration from such a dark and mysterious movie. It doesn't exactly have a happy ending. I had to include a clip, but if you haven't seen Vertigo don't watch past 7 minutes. But I insist that you see this classic AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Sorry, my passionate movie buff is taking over.