I don't often get to write about a furniture store in houston that I've never been too, but this is one of those times! This weekend The Fabulous Flea opened its doors to the public for a rare sale. I decided I needed to jump at the chance at seeing this place, and it was worth it! I was ready to move into this beautiful space. Its so quaint and romantic:)
(This little doorway captivated me. I imagined the curious places it might lead to)
Mary Daly along with the fabulous folks at Found For the Home, put together a beautiful collection of antiques and unusual objects. P.S. If you are reading this, live in Houston, and its before 5:00 pm on Saturday....go check it out for yourself!

This beautiful carved horse head was my favorite piece! Why am I so into horses now?
I grew up in West Texas and didn't care about them then...oh well.

Ooh, I even got to take a peek at the pool house, behind the studio. I tell myself that this was special treatment,
but I'm not really sure if it was. Anyway, just had to share. Don't you just love it?!