This past weekend I attended a wedding at the beautiful and historic Hay Adams Hotel. You may recognize the name for its most recent famous residents: The Obama family before the inauguration. The hotel lies on Lafayette Square across from the White House and also St. John's Episcopal Church, better known as the President's church.The lobby isn't grand but is certainly elegant. A cozy space with beautiful antiques, wood paneling and an ornate ceiling.
The building, constructed in 1928, was designed by Mihran Mesrobian in the Italian Renaissance Style. The hotel derives its name from the 2 houses torn down on the site: John Hay and Henry Adams.The dining room off the lobbyI loved the greek key band on the curtains.
The hotel has a quiet elegance which comes across in these photos and besides: the hotel really is in the ultimate location. It doesn't have 'A' view -it has 'THE' view, especially from the roof deck where we began the evening with cocktails. The White House, Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial in a line.The old Executive Office building which I blogged about this past weekend.St. Johns Episcopal Church
Even their slogan covers the view; "Where nothing is overlooked but the White House"
enjoying the view....and cocktails too......
Official Website of the Hay Adams.