While at Poplar Forest this past weekend, we were suprised by a group of antique cars in the parking lot as we left. I have to admit to not being a 'car' person, I don't even own one as I live in the city, but I do appreciate the design aspect.
2 seperate groups of cars from different time periodsMy favorite was this old blue Ford. They don't make them like this anymore...So elegantEven the interior!This 1920's chrysler roadster was next to it. I love the snappy yellow & green.
notice the decorative wheels.and a real 'trunk'! So thats where that term came from.....
A 1921 Model T sedanwood spoked wheels....even a wood steering wheel!
I can't imagine a better Saturday afternoon than motoring down the country lanes of bucolic Virginia, stopping at a winery or two and visiting Poplar Forest in my vintage convertible; can you?

This one reminded me a bit of 'chitty chitty bang bang' - love that horn!