: : oh no, it's happened again, work has taken over my life. and when I'm not working I'm outside enjoying the glorious sunshine. my bike ride in this morning was so, so nice. it's days like today that gets me through freezing cold days biking through the snow in the winter.

on the topic of summer, here is my 3rd magazine that could potentially fill the domino void. it's another Swedish magazine,. sköna hem. My mom always buys a few issues for me when she comes to visit. they have a great gallery section, and a good range of different types of homes and styles.

I chose a few pictures of balconies. We have two balconies at home, the one in the front has been filled withpotted herbs, veggies and flowers ( a very special rosebush) and is our favorite place to hang out. for the balcony in the back we are planning to build a bar, put up lights and add a barbecue. maybe it will happen this weekend, we'll see....