I spent the weekend in NY and had a wonderful time. The first item of business was the much talked about Domino 'tag' sale which was really exciting: talk about a crowd, though! I was lucky to get there early enough thanks to Heather, David Jiminez and some other friends who are morning people: AND Heather brought her famous cookies wrapped with an orange ribbon! I have to admit I ate 3 bags of them over 24 hours. They're addictive!
You can read what the Habitually Chic Heather bought HERE. Pictured below are my finds but I can't help kicking myself over what I did NOT buy: a bolt of gray rough silk fabric that would have been perfect for a table cloth (or 4 or 5 really) for $3, 2 big boxes of gray waterworks subway tiles for $20, 2 totally chic waterworks nickel sconces with black shades for $100 - ARGH -the ones that got away!
What I did get was this tortoiseshell and silver teacaddy and charming antique photo montage of children cooking. What i most liked about the picture (which Heather thrust at me telling me I must buy it!!) was the unusual size and BEAUTIFUL wood frame. It was a bit dusty and sad looking, but nothing some wood soap and orange oil can't fix! Now it's really cute and going onto the gallery wall!
I convinced my friend Eric to get this lovely plaster corbel with greek key design on the side. I should have saved it for myself though, haha!While walking from the Kips Bay Showhouse on Sunday down to see the exhibit of important jewels at Cartier (you have to go, it's amazing with 100s of items - 2nd floor, don't miss it!), I was passing Bergdorf Goodman, trying to be good and not go in when I saw the windows.I recognized the staging of the famous Cecil Beaton photograph of Charles James dresses from the 50s (my favorite image in the world) out of the corner of my eye. My heart stopped - I turned and saw these creative windows devoted to 'the model as muse' and ran across the street to get a closer look. The sun was just right to get the ultimate amount of glare unfortunately, but you can still make out whats going on.

These were well known images of fashionable models and actresses right at the corner near the Plaza. Everyone was stopping to look (hard to get a photo with no people walking by!).Erte inspired, perhaps? I'm sure this is based off a famous image as well - anyone know?

It was a great trip and I have my friends to thank for that. Hope you all had fantastic weekends! Head to NY to see Kips Bay and the Cartier exhibit immediately!