Boho Chic
Add a chandelier in a powerful color for a powerful, bohemianesque look.

Bring the boho pink into the tub with you with this awesome tile!

Mellow Yellow tub. What a fab piece!

A fainting couch in a large bathroom is a great bohemian statement.

Okay... not ready for the real thing in your bathroom? How about this chandelier decal?

Bringing in "real" pieces of furniture into your bathroom is a perfect way to incorporate an ecclectic bohemian look.

I fell in love with this bathroom on Flickr. The chandelier and the pictures on the wall are bohemian heaven.

Bohemian chic calls for rich, sensual and sophisticated colors. Deep brown and mustard yellow are unexpected shades in a bathroom. Dare to be unique!

Something about this bathroom screams bohemian urinal arty bathroom! I don't know!! : )
Have a fabulous weekend!
Happy Decorating!