I have this great tray on my coffee table (Victoria Hagan 'shagreen' tray from Target) that has seen many different lives. Tonight I went to my local hardware store and had them cut some mirror to fit inside. I love it, especially at night. Lets look at some of the previous versions of it.
Previously, it had just been some cork I had glued down that you can see here around the bric-a-brac. The tray has been this way for the past year. The turquoise square is a large glass coaster of sorts so I had somewhere to set my drink and not stain the cork!In an even older version ( 2 years ago) I had a gold and black patterned paper on it. The paper was easy to replace if it got dirty, the cork however was not and held stains easily. I think the mirror is the best version! What do you think?