: : .irene. at .bloesem kids. brought my attention to .wis design's interiors. I've blogged about this young creative Swedish design group before. and I am the proud owner of their silicone tablecloth thanks to my sister and brother.

I was particularly drawn to the photos .irene. posted of their design for .astrid lindgren's. children's hospital in Stockholm. knowing that my boyfriend spends everyday in a children's hospital and hearing the stories about the kids there, I hope all of them will get a chance to enjoy similar environments to these.

.astrid lindgren. is one of Swede's most beloved authors, if not THE most loved. She wrote an impressive amount of classic children's stories. Most Swedish children grow up reading her books; Pippi Långstrump, Barna i Bullerbyn, Bröderna Lejonhjärta, Karlsson taket, Ronja Rövardotter and Saltkråkan,my favorite. Beautiful, beautiful stories!