I actually saw this yesterday, but didn't get it posted on time.
Anyway, I was making my regular trip to the Guild Shop and saw a lot of great pieces.
First, I found a couple pairs of shoes that I fell in love with! Unfortunately, no matter
how much I tried, they were both the wrong size:(

These were calling me from across the room! I know what some of you are thinking,
but I did NOT buy more chairs. Honest! Anyway, Mark would kill me if I brought
more chairs home.

These may be the coolest find of all! Vintage dental cabinets. Dental or Dentists'? Not sure.
Aren't they are amazing?! I have to say, I have rarely seen pieces like these.
Except they ranged from $700.00 to $900.00. That was a little rich for me.
So, I didn't buy anything but I did enjoy seeing all these little treasures.