Last week was Liam's 4th birthday, and I can't believe how big he's gotten. I think I've been feeling a little melancholy about it all!
You know, when he was a baby and waking up every three hours, I would think "I can't wait till he gets older and I don't have to do this anymore!" Of course, now every time he tells me not to help him because he's a big boy, I feel a little sad. I also think about how paranoid I was when he was an infant. Is he growing at the right pace? Why isn't he crawling when other babies his age are? Am I interacting with him enough? Blah, blah, blah. He's a perfectly healthy and normal kid, but I spent so much time in a constant state of worry. I wish I would have just had more fun enjoying kissing on him.
So now I can see him maturing more and more everyday and its an amazing process to witness. He learns new things so quickly...some I wish he didn't know. I try everyday to remind myself to not worry about all the things that "should get done" and just have fun! I have to say that there is no other sound in the world like a four-year-old's laughter. I think I'm going to stop now, because I may start crying at my computer. I just wanted to write about my future race car driver or rock star, I'm not sure which. Maybe used car salesman;)

By the way, I thought I would post his birthday invitation. As usual, I was behind on getting them out, so I thought if they were funny no one would get too annoyed. I thought they were funny anyway. If you're wondering I made them using Picnik. I do love that little site!