This past weekend I was able to head to the newly remodeled Smithsonian American History museum and saw Julia Child's kitchen! It is amazing how kitchen design has changed. Even the most amateur of us (or even people who don't cook at all!) have fancier kitchens than this. It goes to prove how we just don't need all of that fancy kitchen stuff!
The space was very special to her as it was designed by her husband with extra tall counters to make up for her stature! She filmed a total of 3 different tv series from this TINY room!
I loved the homey feel: painted cabinets, lots of personal touches, and splashes of color everywhere! This is a great example of a kitchen where everything is within arms reach. I love the idea of the pegboard walls to hang everything: so practical! Notice the paintings hung on the front of the cabinets below? What a great idea!
And here we are together :-) Hope you enjoyed the tour!