As is often the case, I'm very late in writing this post. Remember the whole "no internet" thing? Last week I had the pleasure of photographing one of my favorite Houston homes. Located in the my usual stomping grounds, I have been admiring for a few years now. So a few weeks ago, I drove by and was surprised to see it for sale! Click here to see the listing. Being the house stalker that I am (Yeah, I admit it), I called to see if I could see the interior.
The house was shown in a local magazine a few years ago, but the owners graciously indulged my desire to take some pics myself:) What I always admired from afar was the beautiful color scheme of the exterior. Its very bold but has a Zen feel, especially with the bamboo.

This house is like a wonderful gift in a beautiful wrapper. You know sometimes, you wonder if what's inside is as great as the exterior? I'm glad to say that I was not disappointed when I walked in the door. The decor is restrained elegance with a modern twist. I can say that I haven't seen many homes with such a wonderful attention to detail. Something I really loved were the creative vignettes placed around the house.

Check out the ebony stained floors throughout the house! I know lots of you love them as much as I do.

The kitchen is simple and clean. I think this is one those rare kitchens that actually inspire me to cook. That is saying a lot, trust me!

The large open doorways are a remnant of when the house was a beauty salon. Instead of replacing the doors the owners either left them open or installed heavy draperies from tracks. The bedroom also has a fabulous dressing room that once was a porch.
P.S. The cool framed numbers are from Ebay!

So was I right? Beautiful, huh? One last amazing detail. The backyard is a small garden. Inorder to expand the space, a mirror was installed along the back fence. With the large plants in front, the yard seems to go on forever...without all the trimming that is;)