While visiting family this past weekend, I drove through my old neighborhood, Squirrel Hill and took a few pictures of my 2 favorite houses: both are stone. The first is a more finished stone -limestone maybe? Very sophisticated.
The house isn't large but it is certainly grand: A lot of character in this little house! And check out the view -it resides alongside a large park with great views of downtown Pittsburgh in the distance.
The second house could be home to Mrs. Havisham..... a little mysterious....
A small English country manor house plunked down in the city of Pittsburgh? I love that it seems to be all original: tile roof, beautiful stone facade, leaded glass windows; the whole package.This was always my favorite house to walk by; so charming and eccentric. The crooked gate post just adds to the overall affect I think!
Sorry the pictures aren't better, but it was FREEZING cold outside so they were taken from my car! Have a great day, everyone!