Even during our current financial 'situation' we can still window shop! On my walk home tonight I took a few photos of interesting antique stores in Georgetown. Now, I don't know why after 2 years of passing them at least twice a day I've never stopped in! They rearrange their windows almost daily with the most beautiful things! Lets take a closer look, shall we?Look at the pretty plates, are these meissen I wonder? The silver soup tureen is wonderful!At first I thought this was a shopkeeper giving me a disapproving eye....no worries, he's for sale too ( just a bust)!
I love this unusual bottle holder, very elegant, but those glasses are so SMALL! I suppose it's for port or other apperatifs?. And another store...... This one always has beautiful silver displayed.I love how they put little name plates by each item so you can learn what they are!I hope you enjoyed the free shopping trip :-)
holly tree by the rock creek parkway