I want to thank Leah Moss, an editor at Apartment Therapy, for the EXTREMELY flattering write up she did for my house tour!Leah came over last weekend to check out my place and chat for awhile. She's a great photographer and really captured my apartment well, no easy feat in such a small space! We had so much fun talking it hardly felt like an interview at all!
We talked a lot about small spaces and how to live in them, which is what 'Apartment Therapy' is all about. The challenges all are worth it though when you end up with your cozy cocoon.
If you are interested, check out the post! She's completely over flattering to me, I have to thank her for that. I know there are a lot of photos for my small space, but it's so fun for me to see it through someone else's eyes; a different perspective.
The post is online HERE