I have been tagged by the marvelous Maria.... soooo the rules of the game are to divulge 6 facts/habits and trivia about myself.....
and try not to embarrass myself in the process.
So here goes:
1. My favourite color is yellow and always has been ever since I can remember.
2. I like cotton candy and ballerina flats. I prefer wearing ballerina flats to heels.
3. I I love the Ocean and always thought I couldn't live away from it, that is until I visited Palm Springs.
4. I always carry my passport and 50 Euros in my change purse. That way I'm sure I'm going back.
5. I love dogs - all dogs and especially mine. She is a 4 1/2 pound Yorkshire Terrier named Nicole.
6. I love ironing. Yes strange as it seems I find it relaxing.

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Let 5 people know that you have tagged them.
Let the 6th person wander blindly in the wilderness for 40 years, then tell them they have been tagged.

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