Clock Coveting Print by Monkeypowered $20

Silver mid-century wall clock. Perfect for an office. Classic and Elegant.

Herman Miller clock. Fun and whimsical. Great for any space. Even a child's room. How about the miniature HM rocker??? That's a whole other article! Let me not go off on a tangent...

Fantastic Danish Modern mid-century clock found on E-Bay.

Why not create a clock wall? This is a stupendous idea and excuse to collect these mid-century gems.

Wake up to some classic style with this mid-century flip clock. Dreamy.

Could this be any more awesome. Bubble clock.

Telling time is something we all do every single day of our lives. Whether we wear a watch or not ( I go back and forth on this one), we always look at our cell phones, car clocks, computer screens, etc... to tell time. So, why not look at a classic piece when telling time? Hook up your favorite space with a clock from the mid-century era. They are fun and stylish. Scour flea markets, thrift shops, e-bay and craigslist for these. I bet you'll find some great deals!! Start up a small collection and find a perfect excuse for finding some of these gems!!

Happy Decorating,