So, Friday afternoon we decided to drive to Austin at the last minute. Many of you may know that my husband and I make Austin trips on a regular basis. I do a lot of wondering around whenever I'm there, so I kind of assumed I was familiar w/ most of the shopping sites...but I discovered I was wrong! (I get so excited when I find new places to shop). Driving down South 1st, I discovered a group of shops called Happiness. There isn't an easy way to describe it. It sits behind a couple of funky vintage clothing stores. You kind of have to know where it is, because its hard to see. Basically, its a collection of tiny sheds. They are centered around a tree-lined courtyard and are filled the works of various artists. The little sheds feature different types of art and handmade objects. My favorite pieces were the creative planters. Happiness really lives up to its name; I forgot about all my troubles and became absorbed in the bohemian atmosphere.