The ultimate boho seating arrangement? The floor, of course! Try it with some ultra hip floor cushions. Boho delicious!
Prefer the couch? No problem. Don't have a "bohemian" couch? No problem. Scour Urban Outfitters for some bargain priced throws in all kinds of bohemian style prints and then throw them on your couch for a new boho look!

Perhaps you could throw something like this on your couch. Cute, round, moroccan style pillows can be found at your local Pier 1 or trading company.

Prefer to be a more subtle bohemian? How about this boho style couch from Anthropologie? It's bohemian, but has very clean lines to it.

Create your own couch from scratch all out of floor cushions!

Wacky bohemian? Perhaps. But, nothing makes a statement of the "artistic" like this "crawl" couch found on

To me, this room is the ultimate bohemian vintage look. It has an authentic vintage couch with a bohemian style fabric. The walls are papered in gorgeous "jewel" inspired boho chic paper. The look is calmed down with a fantastic Saarinen coffee table. I want to live here.

Black and white boho? Sure. Just make sure to choose the right lines and textures for your pieces.
Like to be a bit more "in your face" bohemian? This couch from Anthropologie will certainly do the trick! Love it!
Happy Decorating!