This news is so sad. First for the obvious tragedy of Natasha Richardson losing her life @ such a young age, but also because of the special attachment Mark and I have to Liam Neeson. When we were thinking of what to call our son, we didn't set out to name him after the actor, but when we saw "Liam" on one of those baby name lists we said, "Oh, he (our baby) could be just like Liam Neeson!" So we made the decision to use that name on the spot! Mark and I are die-hard movie lovers and Liam Neeson is high on our list of favorite actors.
I know that it seems strange to feel personally touched by a loss experienced by people we don't know, but they are still just people. They are a husband, sons, parents, siblings who lost someone so unexpectedly. Today I am saying a prayer for this family. I am also praying that I always remember that no one has a guarantee of tomorrow and that I make the most of everyday. I don't want to waste any opportunities to let my family know just how much I love them.