Vintage clothing is the new, hip way to shop for some rags! : ) Yes... I said "rags." Like my 70's slang? I try. Best vintage clothing spots to shop at? Well... since I am a master listmaker, I figured I would give you a list to go by. So, here it goes:

1. Plato's Closet- This is a fabulous clothing, handbags and accessories consignment shop. Check it out if there is one in your area. Not only can you snag great pieces, but you can sell some too!

2. Salvation Army/Goodwill- Thrift stores are a great way to find awesome vintage finds on anything. Especially clothing. Try the "dead man" racks. I know, sounds terrible. But, they're resting in peace and you get some cute vintage gear.

3. Etsy/E-Bay- I have scored some major vintage outfits on I love my vintage mexican dresses and handbags. You'll get tons of compliments on your unique style too. It's a win/win!!

4. Craigslist- Just type in vintage clothing and see what pops up in your area! I bet you'll get them a pretty reasonable prices.

5. On vacay- If you go overseas, check out some of their market places. They are sure to have great vintage finds at rock bottom prices. The prices will usually be well below what you'll pay here in the States.

Good luck on your hunt. Please shoot some ideas my way if I didn't include something.

Happy Decorating!