The dining table. A place where we spend so much of our time doing meaningful and meaningless things. Eating, writing lists, journaling, paying bills, staring into our half empty or half full glass of juice in the morning. It's a special piece of furniture--- the dining table. So, I went on an Internet hunt to find dining tables of mid-century design and flair for your Monday delight. I hope you love them!

The tulip table and chairs by Saarinen. I am positively in love with this set. I will have one someday. I actually found one at an antiques shop in town for $375 a couple of weeks ago. But, was pretty broke at the time and couldn't buy it. Someday Saarinen. Someday...

The tulip with some Herman Miller chairs. Lovely mixture of mid-century designers.

Teak. Most definetely a mid-century favorite material. Especially in Danish Modern design.

Sweet. To die for. All I have to say.
Happy Decorating!