There's something quite exciting about finding a bargain and snatching it up before anyone else does. Fortunately, vintage shopping is a great way to get that shopping high. Flea Markets are treasure troves of fabulous vintage items at bargain prices. Most are open on the weekends only and I would recommend arriving near the end of the day for the best prices. Vendors usually want to take back as little as possible. So, they are more likely to cut you a deal towards closing time. I have found everything, from old Westclox clocks to a beautiful 1960s beaded party purse. I've seen cool retro sofas and incredible coffee tables for $10-$25! It's true!! So, get your buddies together on a Saturday afternoon and establish a budget. $15 for each of you to spend is likely to be plenty of dough to bring home some pretty nifty vintage treasures.

Happy Decorating!