If there is anything out there that makes me absolutely weak in the knees it's animals. I love them all! I have three dogs and a kitty cat and they are my babies! As you all know... I also love vintage! Vintage clothes, vintage furniture, vintage decorative pieces, vintage jewelry, vintage art... vintage, vintage, vintage!! I'll take it all! One of my other favorite things? The environment. Yes... I am just a big, green, vintage, animal loving geek! But, I'm proud of it. So, when I found a wonderful way to combine all three of these... I was stoked! Shop the SPCA thrift stores! They are across the country and they are a fantastic way to combine all three of these earth helping, good karma producing, you're the greatest person on earth... acts! You get the idea.
Get out there and shop for the doggies and kitties of the world!!

Happy Decorating!