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I got this helpful article from on decorating with "flea-market style." Enjoy!!
Living Room
Step1-Stack old suitcases together for a quick and easy coffee table.
Step2-Use inexpensive fleece blankets to cover old arm chairs. Select an animal print or solid color, such as lime, magenta or turquoise for a punch of color.
Step3-Hang door pediments, porch columns or other recycled architectural elements on the walls for some flea market-style artwork.
Step4- Store books and magazines in old fruit crates. Or turn the fruit crates on their sides for an instant end table.
Step1- Recycle an old fireplace mantle into a beautiful headboard. Place candles on top for some romantic lighting.
Step2- Cover the bed with old quilts and afghans, layered for an abundant look.
Step3- Sew panels cut from old sweaters into cozy wool pillowcases for your existing throw pillows.
Step4- Store extra linen in a see through glass or wire cabinet for easy access as well as a homey flea market touch.
Den or Office
Step1 -Make a desk from an old paneled door set on two filing cabinets. Cover with a piece of tempered glass.
Step2- Store pencils, markers and pens in old metal ice cube trays.
Step3- Make bookends out of a pair of old bowling pins, school globes or metal lunch boxes. Whatever you can find two of.
Step4- Back an old wooden screen door with cork for a beautiful and functional cork board. Remember to remove the screen first.
Happy Decorating!