An “Eichler.” Perhaps you’ve heard the term before, perhaps you have not. But, after reading this article, I hope you will learn to appreciate and love this fabulous homebuilder of the 1950s. His name was Joseph Eichler and he built mid-century marvels throughout California between 1950 and 1970. Eichler hired cutting edge architects to build these homes for middle-class families. He used concepts originated by Mies Van Der Rohe and Francis Lloyd Wright to create his little gems. These concepts included open spaces and the idea of bringing the outside in. Eichlers have made quite the comeback today. With “Mid-Century Modern” being a popular home design and interior decorating motif in today’s design world, these beauties are racking in big bucks on the real estate front. Check these pictures out!
Eichler window (floor to ceiling gorgeous!)
In typical Eichler fashion-- wide open spaces.

Letting the inside in...
Huge sliders and chic wood paneling throughout.
In true mid-century modern style.
The Eichlers lend themselves to fabulous mid-century interiors.
Mid-Century Modern Eichler Kitchen
Fabulous mid-century ball chandeliers in perfect harmony.
This Eichler is actually for sale! Check it out at:
Happy Decorating!