What does it mean to be a true Bohemian? I'm posting this again because I feel it's perfect for today's topic!! Sorry to post so late!
What does it take to be a true Bohemian, Bobo, Boho Chick, Hippie, Wanderer, Lover of Life... or whatever else you'd like to call it? I'm currently reading Bohemian Manifesto by Laren Stover (ISBN0-8212-2890-0... go grab it on Half.com!!) and I just finished reading Among the Bohemians. What I've gathered thus far is the following list of musts:
1. Artistic. If you're not artistic... then you at least appreciate art to the fullest. You're passionate about it. You can sit down with a group and philosophise about what Vincent Van Gogh was really thinking when he painted Starry Night.
2. You're NOT uptight. About anything. Rules are simply guidelines to you and are meant to be challenged more often than not. You don't judge troublemakers. In fact, you egg them on and are oftentimes one of them.
3. There's usually only enough food in your fridge to feed a small cat. You are constantly thinking about your passion and rarely think about your next meal... unless it's going to be some sort of ecstatic experience.
4. You are not a neat freak. Things fall as they may. You may clean up your house or studio when you can't find something. But, it's not a scheduled chore. You get to it when you get to it. No rush.
5. You stand up for causes you believe in. Be it animal protection, vegetarianism, ..abortion rights, etc... You don't just talk about it.
6. You buy vintage. Flea markets, thrift shops, antique stores, the I-Net... all bohemian malls. Why buy new? You can buy used, cheap and usually more aesthetically pleasing.
7. You travel. A lot. You hate staying put for too long and you are inspired by the beauty of foreign lands. (Especially Budapest, Berlin, Bombay, Paris, Barcelona, Morocco... anything exotic, vintage like and historic).
8. You drive a VW bug, bus, old van... you get the idea...
9. Your other car is a bicyle.10. You have pets. It usually doesn't stop at just one.
I will add more to the list when I finish reading. Until then... go and explore, experience and enjoy. Life is full of beauty in the most unconspicuous places.
Look, observe, ponder.
Happy Decorating!