One of Houston's best stops for antiques and unusual objects is Found. They are fairly well known in blogland and have a great site on 1st dibs. Being the "eclectic" person that I am, I always find many lust worthy objects there. Next week they will premier new furnishings designed by Barbara Hill.

Barbara's Marfa home has been featured in several publications, including
Dwell and Metropolitan Home.
I really got to go there! The photo below is actually one I have in my tear-sheet stash, but didn't
know who designed it. (I admit I don't always read magazines...I just look at the pretty pictures).
I'm ashamed of myself:( I'm also ashamed because I now realize that Barbara
is a frequent patron of my favorite coffee shop, I see her all the time but didn't know who she was.
In fact, a couple of weeks ago, I stopped her to say how much I love her red hair.
I think she thought I was crazy. Oh well, maybe I can officially meet her next week
and she won't think I'm crazy. (Ha ha).
I can't wait to see her new designs!