Probably the best part about blogging is the friendships that happen between bloggers. Along the way I've made quite a few friends, but the first was Patricia from PVEdesign. We met while I was in NYC a few months back and toured the Cooper Hewitt museum together to see an exhibit on interior watercolors (read the original post HERE).
Well imagine my surprise when a pretty little package comes my way from...PVE!Such a cute little card with a sketch of a jacket (just like the one I wear to work everyday!)Well, she must be a faithful reader of my blog, because she knew that not only did I LOVE snoopy but I collect kitschy hallmark ornaments. This is especially notable because it's a NYC snoopy -where she and I met!
Here it is on my tree, see, not too late, Patricia!
Thank you so much, Patricia -your thoughtful gift really made my day! Thanks for all the work you put into your blog and for being a great friend! If you haven't already become a faithful reader of her blog, visit her today HERE!