The last issue of the now defunct 'O at Home' was probably the most enjoyable magazine I've read for quite awhile. I read it cover to cover, every article. Fascinating! Yet another amazing magazine to bite the dust :-( Why??????
Labeled the color issue, first up was a home that used color very effectively and judicially against a white background. This family weekend home in Massachusetts was TOO fantastic. I mean -just check out that welcoming entryway with the yellow shutters and antique chandelier (and gravel sidewalks, which I think are so charming AND green!). The living/dining room had such marvelous things! Cobalt patent leather french armchairs, antique rugs and marble rococo marble mirror against a modern backdrop? SIGN ME UP!! Don't you just die a little (as Rachael Zoe would say)?
This sunroom would be the perfect place to relax all day long catching up on magazines (with the exception of O at Home, Cottage Living and House & Garden :-( ). Now, you all know I don't like animal prints, but this Kelly green family room and modernized arm chair are too special to not post!
Next however was an apartment that had a more subtle and sophisticated palette by DC's own Darryl Carter. I could move in tomorrow. I don't even need to pack my bags! I'm a fan!
I love this minimal kitchen. It's NYC so it's not like a whole lot of cooking will be going on.
As it's an apartment with limited space, the foyer was repurposed as an office. I love that he thought of using a floor lamp for a desklight. One thing I hate: the barn sliding doors -REAL pocket doors would have been so much nicer and more minimal. These look like an afterthought. I totally approve of sliding doors into the kitchen though! Sometimes you just want to close off the mess!
This room is heaven. The dining room was repurposed as a dual library. The shelves line the windows acting as a screening device but allows in all the light: the shelves have glass inserts. What a great idea for a room without a great view! I could see this working for someone who has a large china collection as well : great display space. Lamps on the table: divine.
Here is another wall of the library/ dining room and a close up of one of the lamps. I love the white frames against the white walls: I think the most important thing to point out are the interestingly shaped and generous mattes.The bedroom has a desk as well -a tad confusing, no? I'll just assume this is an apartment for 2 busy professionals who need seperate work spaces. I think this bedroom's interesting mix of styles and furniture is very personal. You would almost think this was 'undecorated'.The bathroom is lovely but generic. I loved that Darryl decided to place a more traditional framed mirror against the plate glass wall: it adds so much more interest to the otherwise bland room.
Lastly, here is the suave Darryl seen in the library dining room. O at home, COME BACK!!