I have a confession. You may think I like a holiday season full of tasteful decorations steeped in history. Well, I don't - I like tacky and fun!! I don't have beautiful fancy decorations and don't spend oodles of time playing with ribbons, fresh cut greens and perfect themes. Well...maybe someday -but at this stage of my life (young, tiny apartment, living alone), I tend to stick to warm Christmas memories from childhood. I love anything 'vintagey' christmas. So before I get the anonymous comments about how tacky this is, I'll just own up to it! This is how I remember the holidays being as a kid and how I choose to celebrate now!
I like to spread the cheer around my apartment. It all starts in my entry way. I have some tacky glittery nutcrackers I won as raffles at a holiday party, a porcelain christmas card holder of santa from my grandma and the (FAKE) holly surrounding a candle that always sat on my grandparent's sideboard; So many good meals were spent there.
On my table I have my other grandma's Christmas tree. She lived in an apartment since and only had this little white ceramic tree that lights up. I remember she loved this and would keep all her gifts underneath it throughout the holidays. Also a vintage santa mug and candlestick holder (see the porcelain santa climbing up the candlestick?). Why don't they make cute decorations like this anymore!Under my tree (seen at the top of the post) are my favorite christmas characters of all - Snoopy and the gang! Yes......deep breath....I collect hallmark ornaments. I can't help it, I just love them -they're SO cute! I also have a mixture of ornaments that have been gifted to me and that were from my family. The tree skirt is a feather boa that I got from Phyllis Diller. Yes, you read that correctly, it's my 'Hollywood' tree! And thats fake too... don't want you think that I'm classing things up with a real feather boa. I have red lights because...yes...my grandparents had red lights (notice a theme?). I think they have a nice vintage feel and are a little different than the generic white ones (which really are beautiful, nothing against them!).
Behind my stovetop I have these cute little holiday coasters with another of my favorite characters on them - Ziggy!
This bubble snoopy ornament is just another bit of fun.
Yes, even in the bathroom - I have this ornament that looks like a soap bubble holding a frog in santa cap. Up, Up and away!! I hope you all enjoyed my 'fun' version of Christmas! I think that holiday decorations are only up for a short time so you can afford to have some fun with them and not take it so seriously! As D.V. would say 'WHY NOT'!