'Cause that's my fun day. Ha! A gold star for anyone who remembers those lyrics. I really did have fun on Sunday at the Urban Market, but Monday I spent feeling sick...not fun. So, I'm going to keep the writing short and sweet, but I will share my favorite photos. (I guess that isn't very different).

These two lovely ladies are Sally Wheat and Jackie Sharbrough. Jackie took ownership of organizing the Market this year and is an antique dealer herself! Sally is also an antique dealer and designer who refurbished the amazing set of white chairs above. Some of Cote de Texas readers, may remember seeing her amazing house here. I've become a fan of her mid-century furniture and driftwood pieces. Both of their items can be found here.

So, most of my shopping trips consist of walking around and taking photos. I am happy to say that this trip actually turned up a treasure I had to have. This table is will work perfectly for a small project for my house. I need my husband to adjust it a little, so I'm not going to promise photos of the finished product. Sorry, Mark. I love him to death, but projects often take longer than I like.