While walking home from the Hillwood Museum last weekend, I stopped by my favorite section of Embassy row for a few pictures. spooky Embassy of Cameroon at the top, not sure which 2 these are above.
Embassy row is the nickname of a stretch of Massachusetts Avenue here in DC from where I live all the way west for a few miles to Ward Circle. This stretch of road was the premier address at the turn of the last century for the wealthiest families to build their mansions. Nowadays, these beautiful buildings are too large for private residences; many are apartments, foundation headquarters and embassies (from which the road derives its nickname) Now the Indonesian embassy, this was the former home of heiress Evelyn Walsh McLean, last private owner of the Hope Diamond.
Embassy of India - beautiful but in poor condition
Not an embassy, but one of my favorite buildings along Mass. Ave, The Cosmos Club, seen above and below. This became the location for the club in 1952 -before that it was the Townsend Mansion.

Embassy of Estonia - intersting placement on a sharp corner. I've always wondered how the odd building shape was dealt with inside.
Embassy of Luxembourg - I swear this embassy is larger than the country!
This embassy is small but majestic!
Embassy of Ireland above facing Sheridan circle.
Not sure if these are embassies, but aren't they pretty?
This newly remodeled and super luxurious embassy is breathtaking and in a primo location.
And I saved the best for last. This is a private home and is probably my favorite house in Washington. It faces Sheridan circle and the facade is rounded. I love that palladian porch on the 2nd floor!The neighboring house is really beautiful too :-)
I hope you enjoyed this small tour of embassy row! If you are ever in DC it's a great place to take a long walk and enjoy beautiful buildings. I've shown just a few of my favorites but there are 100s more beautiful houses to appreciate!