3 homes and an office building were part of the 2008 Modern House Tour in the Tampa Bay area. I took all these pictures with my phone. Sorry all!! I forgot my camera @ home!

The Walker Brands building on Kennedy Boulevard. What a fun place to work! How can I get a job here??
Their signature color is orange. This is the "lobby," which is more like a gathering, fun spot! Great architecture. Lovely space. : )
The Walker Brands building bubble chair. I don't have one of these at my job. : (
Walker Brands building lobby area.

The Cohen Home living room. I'm so bummed this didn't come out too clear. The window is amazing! It's view is of an unreal, huge lawn. Absolutely beautiful!

Outside the Cohen residence.
This is the 2nd home we toured. Just a little balcony facing the bay. Great, comfy Eames chairs. : )

This home's ceiling flows right into the outside. How cool!

These cool cabinets in the kitchen remain a bit "open" and reveal this color pattern, which was also on the floor.

Coolest bike parking rack ever!!

Needless to say, I had a fab time @ this event. : ) The furniture was amazing, the artwork was breathtaking. All in all, great day. Sorry I didn't get better pics. But, try to check one of these cool events out in your area. They not only do it for modern homes, but for historical homes as well. : )

Happy Decorating!