I have a confession to make: I'm not really into Halloween. I've always disliked it! My schedule has freed up quite a bit now that Martha's tv show has mostly Halloween crafts (thank god for tivo). But I thought I'd share some of these spooky tombstones from an old cemetary in a Pittsburgh neighborhood called Troy Hill. This Cemetary lies on a big hilltop overlooking the Allegheny River and beautiful downtown: spectacular views!Like many of these old working class neighborhoods, the cemetaries were a point of pride. Of course there are fancier, nicer cemeteries in the city(MANY OF THEM), but even in the poorest neighborhoods these beautiful places exist. These tombstones are certainly a lot more engaging than the granite slabs with a name that you see anymore. They speak of the 'inhabitants' and their life. Cemeteries were in places of honor where people would want to spend time remembering their loved ones: parks or places with a beautiful view; nicer than along the freeway out of town. The cemeteries of Pittsburgh live on as places where people not only visit their ancestors, but walk their dogs, jog or go to get away from it all. I don't think this is disrespectful but goes to show that we are all a part of something bigger. Is this all a little too deep for a posting about some pretty tombstones? Hope you enjoy them!