While on the topic of LA, I also visited the Getty Center. This is probably one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited! Besides having a fantastic collection of European decorative arts from the 17th thru 20th centuries, the compound has incredible views over all of the LA area as it is perched on a big hill (the Santa Monica Mountains). Above is the compound from the approach. The collection of buildings are placed in a collection of gardens and public spaces.
This staircase really caught my eye: I love the zigzag it creates on the exterior.
View of downtown LA. Design began by Richard Meier in 1984, construction began in 1989 and the center finally opened in 1997 -it cost upwards of 1.3 BILLION dollars!!! The exteriors are clad in Meier's trademark 30" square aluminum panels and travertine marble. As there was basically an unlimited budget, Meier was able to create a perfect place architecturally. His 30 inch grid that he works off of is felt here very strongly, both on wall planes and the floor.
The gardens are beautiful. Here this trellis is painted lavendar, the color of shadows on the white walls.
As the building is on a hill, it's built down deep -here you can see just how big parts of the building are!
The outdoor spaces really are the most important here -the outdoor/indoor California lifestyle at work in architecture!
I loved the play of levels on the hilly site.
Beautiful views everywhere!
Another closer view of that lavendar trellis!

You could walk down that exterior bridge to get a closer look at the view -I love the keyhole in that wall for the path!
What CAN'T you see from here?
Lots of benches and places to absorb the view and the sun. People always tend to gather near water elements!