: : I've seen the movie .mamma mia. twice now. I'm a Swede, that's enough of an excuse. *smile*
I loved the movie! the music is great; of course, my Swedish friend and I sang along in every song. The actors are great; .Meryl Streep. really carries the movie, .Pierce Brosnan. is terrible at singing, but brave for trying, .Mr Darcy. my all time favorite is very lovable even in this movie, and the one Swede in the movie .Stellan SkarsgÄrd. adds a lot of humor.

In addition to all this I was LOVIN' all the attention on Swedish Design in the movie. An overwhelming amount of beautiful .Josef Frank fabrics., but even the cross stitching details on Meryl Streep's bed cover, the stitching on her dresses, the colors......everything reminded me of Sweden.

Lastly, it was filmed at what must be one of the most beautiful place on earth, the Greek island of .Skopelos., which is probably getting invaded by mamma mia fans as I am writing this. the photos above are a few of my flickr favorites of the island.