Mid-Century style homes are a thing of the past. They were made to fit the typical American family. Husband, Wife, 2 kids and the dog. As I walked around the neighborhood this week, I noticed the mid-century homes buried amidst newly constructed monstrosities resembling Hollywood mansions, rather than family friendly, cozy homes. Why the trend to BIG homes? This picture (above) is the actual Brady Bunch house. : )
Fabulous 50s-60s home decor magazine artwork. Big picturesque windows, nice lounge chairs... (sigh). I'll have a cold iced tea please.... : )
Bringing the outside in, through large windows, is a typical mid-century design. It's nature's artwork and it's beautiful...
Thin roof... 1 story...large windows. Simply heaven.

So... next time you overlook these cute, seemingly small homes... re-consider your thoughts on them. They are gems of architectural history because they represent a time when "family" (and not "bling") were the cornerstone of the household. It was a time of togetherness, less TV and video games, dinners together and family fun. Let's bring "vintage" back into the family! Back into the home. : )

Happy Decorating!