I'm so excited about sharing photos of our Santa Fe hotel. It was such a wonderful place, Mark and I fell in love with it. It is called Old Santa Fe Inn and is only blocks from the town square. Most of the time we were there we would just walk to wherever we wanted to go...if you have ever tried finding parking in Santa Fe, you know how awesome that is.

The hotel is not very large, but it has gorgeous rooms and an inviting dining area with killer complimentary breakfast.

Our room was on the second floor. We went in a door from the first floor and were greeted with this beautiful staircase. (Sorry again for the dark pictures). I was already prepared to spend all my time on the benches places around the exterior of the hotel.

(View from our room)
Being able to walk everywhere was so fun, because it allowed us to see things we miss when driving. While walking around we stumbled upon a cool cafe called Cowgirl BBQ. The majority of seating is outside, with a funky decor. It seemed to not be very "touristy", I think it was more of a place where locals go; including some Very interesting characters. Of course, interesting characters are plentiful in Santa Fe.

This antique car front-end was just one of a series, placed on the roof of the cafe. They overlooked the patio, and their head lights would turn on as soon as it got dark. Liam found that to be very, very cool.