Monday I mentioned I went to a chapel that had windows funded by the Rockefellers with windows by Marc Chagall and one rose window by Henri Matisse (his last work he ever completed!). The Union Church of Pocantico Hills is just a few short blocks from their mansion, Kykuit and the family attended services there when they were at their summer house. Marc Chagall was first comissioned to do one large window and later returned to finish off the sanctuary. All 9 windows tell a different story from the bible. the first and largest window 'the good samaritan' in honor of John D. Rockefeller, Jr. in 1960 -seen in the picture above at the gable end. The round window in the photo above is by Matisse

If Chagall wasn't already my favorite artist, he would be after visiting this church. The interior is awash in beautiful colors for an almost religous experience;the windows, like all of Chagall's work, speak to the soul. I like that the images here tell a story and aren't just pretty windows; respecting the tradition of stained glass in churches. I was unable to find a picture of the whole sanctuary unfortunately for the overall effect of all 9 windows-but I've attached a few pictures of individual windows. 'Joel' ''Jeremiah' 'Daniel'You can read more about the church and the windows online at