Besides dealing with flooring when on a design job, I used to sell flooring exclusively. After spending so much time around tile, carpet, wood planks...etc. I'm a bit of a flooring addict. I really feel it can make or break a room, and I can be rather snobby about it. Well, I think I may have found my favorite tile ever,(or at least for now). The object of my affection is from Popham Design. They are handmade Moroccan cement tiles. The patterns and colors are a real visual treat. In the U.S. you can purchase these tiles through Ann Sacks or Walker Zanger.
How could anyone not love these amazing and free-spirited looks? I also love that this tile has its own video! First time I have ever seen that. Check it out, you'll fall in love with it...Maybe I'm just some sort of flooring nerd, I don't know.

popham design from popham design on Vimeo.