Recently Peak of Chic talked about fashion and design and that got me thinking: People (mostly men) don't dress up enough. I love to dress up!! I read the Satorialist everyday - have you visited his blog? I've saved a few images over the past year that I've found interesting - here is my little rundown and big fat opinions.I love this close-fitting suit with the sweater vest underneath -so cute! The plaid and atheltic fit keep it from looking boring, as do the blue hankerchief and red flower (although, keep the eyes away from the bulge in the pants - scandolous!). Did you ever notice that for a straight man, the satorialist always picks the hottest guys for the most part?? makes me wonder sometimes.......Oh -love the glasses too -and the shaved head..... Ok -this is a bit costumey -but I like the overall look. I would do without the ascoty scarf -but I like the fit of the outfit and I love the mr. rogers sweater. Ascots are for A-holes.
This is my absolute favorite look (and guy; so handsome!) Nice basic navy blue suit that fits well, white shirt and white hankerchief, brown shoes and the no socks works for summer. Unfortunately I can never seem to do the no socks thing -it's a problem!
This is a great summer suit -notice they all have pocket hankerchiefs!
the white jeans may be a bit tight (this guy is italian though) but I love the fit of the jacket again and the french cuffed white shirt! I try to wear a tie everyday except in summer - ties make the man!
Ok -well..this is super gay,right? but cute! I wouldn't really wear this -but I like the fit of the shorts and the tuxedo shoes -very elegant! A jacket with shorts sort of bothers me though......not....practical -my inner architect is screaming! Plus -what kind of shirt is that? I see the bottom but not the top of it! Those sunglasses are ridiculous though - they are like old-lady sunglasses!This last look isn't from the satorialist -it's the designer David Lawrence. This is a super cute outfit and what you'll see me wearing like 1/2 of the year. nice fitted sweater, white shirt and charcoal pants. I normally leave my collar in though -not out like this. This is a nice casual but dressy look that goes from work to dinner and drinks and is very comfortable!
Now go out there and look fabulous -you only live once!
images via the sartorialist.