I'm back...sorry everyone, I've been having posting issues.
So, a couple of months ago; I wrote about this Midcentury house that was for sale. I liked the remodel so much, I decided to contact the remodeling company just to see if they would give me a story. I was pleasantly surprised, by how obliging they were. The company is called Area16, and it is owned by Mark and Jenny Johnson. As it turns out Area16 is a very industrious company with several fascinating projects. First, is their partnership with Zamore Homes in the construction of the Kit Homes. These modular homes have been featured in several publications, due to their innovative design. They are beautiful contemporary homes that easily fit into the smallest of lots, and are affordable for many more buyers. When I arrived at the Area16 office, Jenny gave me a tour of two of the Kit Homes that are still under construction. They have great light and architectural details. (BTW, these homes are for sale; for anyone who must have one now!)

Next, we walked directly next door to their main office. I fell in love with this renovated bungalow, as soon as I saw the front door! Although, it is not very big, the bungalow houses three work spaces in the living area, and a large office in an adjacent room. Also, I was fascinated with this green chair, so I had include it.

Another project Area16 is involved with is a company called Hometta. It is a very exciting concept that essentially provides homeowners the ability to build modern and affordable homes. One of its features will be blueprints from acclaimed architects, available for homeowners to buy. Of course, that alone cuts down on the cost of building a home. Hometta will have a more extensive website in about a month, so check back.
After stomping around the main offices, Jenny invited me to their personal home. Of course, how could I say no!
As we are walking up the tree-lined walkway, I was secretly hoping to go to the door with brightly colored mirror. It looked like a piece of candy, drawing me in. Yes! Thats it! I know I'm not the only one who loves looking peeking in to other peoples' homes, and this home did not disappoint. The Johnson's do a great job of updating older homes without losing the original feel.

The living room is one of the first things you see as you walk in the door. The rich sectional really makes the space. Overall the house has white walls and neutral flooring. But there are wonderful pops of color, from the furnishings and modern art.
Living room details
Love the Kelly Wearstler wallpaper, combined with the vintage dinette set. These walls are definitely not neutral.
View from the stairs.
The upstairs has bright, sun-filled bedrooms. The master and two boys rooms are decorated in a minimal style, with just a few outstanding accessories. Great art is displayed throughout the second floor, and I especially love the funky wingback chair. It looks like its upholstered in grass!