I have a confession to make: I am a hard core magazine hoarder. I stash them here, there, and everywhere. Its terrible! For the most part I try to store them in a particular cabinet, but I have to confess that they don't all fit in there. In fact, there are so many magazines; that I often lay in bed at night wondering if the shelves will give out under the weight. So this week I decided I needed to let go of some of my mags. Anyone who has a hoarding problem knows what happens next. What if I need this later? Ooh, this really is too nice to get rid of. Aaahh!
So, in order to make any progress; I'm going to scan (and preserve) some of my favorite pictures. I figure this way I can feel better about finally letting go.
The picture below shows just how long I've been holding on to this copy of Interior Design magazine. February of 2004! This is the home of Alexandra Balahoutis, owner of Strange Invisible Perfumes. I like the combination of glitz, minimalism, and industrial. The top picture is of Balahoutis' lab. It looks like a place you would find a very chic mad scientist.

Okay, little periodical. You have been a trusty friend, but now you can fly away.