This is a very funny statement to make, since I can be so shy. Luckily, when I get to meet a fellow blogger; I can walk in and feel like we are old friends! This week I had the pleasure of meeting Cheryl, of Stash Studios. We have been communicating via our blogs and email, and decided to have lunch. I'm glad to say that Cheryl and I hit it off immediately, and had a great time. We talked about blogging, parenting, and our mutual love of "good junk".
Cheryl is a woman of many talents, including being an amazing photographer. I gathered a few a her photos that I love, taken while at one of my favorite places...Round Top! Check out more photos on her Flickr site.

(I think I bought some of these exact bottles!)
Cheryl is a contributer to Refueled Magazine, so many of you may be familiar with her work. If you haven't read this magazine, check it out here. It will change your definition of "Country Style".