I found this great modern eames style glass top table (glass top was removed in preparation of Tropical Storm Faye) on the side of the road with a sign that said "FREE" on it! Bingo! We picked it up, put it in the back of that truck and off we went! Happy as pie! I just saw the same table on Apartment Therapy (www.apartmenttherapy.com) on one of their house tours! I looked it up online and it's worth a good $500! Unreal!
I've got these fab vintage ashtrays up for sale @ the shop. (www.mina180.etsy.com). I love these! The colors are vibrant and fun! The best part? They're vintage & user friendly. They can hold paperclips, rings, rubberbands, etc...
I found this fabulous vintage bread bowl at a thrift shop. I'm going to shine it up and use it for a dinner party.
This is such a gorgeous Smith-Corona typewriter. It works too! It has a brand new ribbon in it! I found it at a thrift shop as well. It's the Sunshine Thrift shop in South Tampa. (You'll thank me for this one if you live in Tampa and visit this place!) I'll have it up for grabs at the shop!

Decorating fabulously vintage takes imagination & searching skills! Patience! Lots of patience! Also... a great eye. Don't think you have the perfect eye? Read up on some decor magazines. Peruse them at your local public library. I am a very proud owner of a public library card, where I go for magazines all the time! I take them home, get ideas over a nice cup of cafe con leche (coffee, milk and sugar) and feel inspired to do great things!

Happy Decorating!