My sister, Muriel, is running a marathon to raise funds for leukemia and lymphoma. You can check out her blog at for more information and to keep track of her progress.
We can get so wrapped up in our lives sometimes that it's easy to forget what some folks out there might be going through. I think it's important to find something you care about and participate in it. Running isn't something I'm very good at, so I will leave that to Muriel. But, I really do admire what she's doing.
There's a shoe store at the local mall here in Tampa, where you can get sized and fitted for the perfect running shoe! I went with my sister last weekend and they made her run on a treadmill while they filmed her. They then analyzed the video with her to see how her feet hit the ground. From that, they came up with the right shoe for her! Amazing. I always thought tennis shoes were just that.... tennis shoes. Guess I was seriously mistaken. Sorry runners. : (
Um... yea... I'll stick with vintage hunting as my form of a good work-out. I'm afraid this cartoon would serve quite well to sum up my experience as a marathoner. I think I will just donate $$$$. Which leads me to....
Telling you that Bohemian Vintage (my lovely etsy shop found at, will be donating 5% of all sales beginning tomorrow, August 23rd through September 23rd. So... do something awesome! Help the earth by buying vintage AND help a person with this illness by donating to its cause. You may also donate directly by going to Muriel's website. She must collect $1800 by marathon time (February 2009). So... let's get together and help her out!!! What are you doing to help someone out today? : )

Happy Decorating,