I had a package waiting for me in the mail today. Patricia from PVE and her friend who works at Wiley sent me a care package of two books to thank me for guest blogging! This made my day :-) Honestly, I was so excited to guest blog that it was thanks enough (but I will still keep the books!). Here they are on my coffee table waiting to be read!The first book has stunning photographs of buildings from the turn of the 19th century in Paris. This book explores where the period's stunning architecture came from and how it evolved from its predecessors. It's really interesting in that it studies a lot of the 'not famous' buildings that you don't normally study -I can't wait to dig into it further!!The second book, and my favorite because it has floor plans (I could look at floor plans all day long, it's an addiction) is about the work of Baillie Scott and is entitled 'the artistic house'.

Scott had a long career as an architect from 1892 till 1939 in the English Arts and Crafts style. This book is wonderful -the homes in it are just magical and so special. I especially like that many of the homes have been altered somewhat and you see the evolution (pvc drainpipes and all!). He is credited for being one of the first architects to use the 'open floor plan' so popular in the last century and opening the house to the garden and outdoors. 'Blackwell House'

These houses pictured are charming, not overbearingly large and many little nooks and corners full of delightful detail. Like a lot of other idealistic architects of the time period, he was obsessed with the idea of perfect houses for everyday people -workingmen.1901 - Baillie Scott -interior

Thanks so much again, both of you!!