I spent much of Saturday at Hillwood with JCB and friends. She's already blogged about the estate's gardens through her eyes HERE and I thought I would give it my own (long-winded) spin. If you want to learn more about the estate, I did more extensive posts on the grounds and house back in November, you can read them here. The house, the greenhouse and the Japanese Garden. Above, the approach up the driveway -heavily wooded.
I love gardens. Unfortunately, I have black thumbs but was born with the gene of appreciation. There is a lot to appreciate at Hillwood; surely the most spectacular gardens in DC.The last of the spring tulips greeted us at the visitors center.
Unusual specimens are all around -check out this color combination near the back porch!
White wisteria grows over a pergola which surrounds the rose garden.Marjorie Merriweather Post, the foundress, is buried in the middle of her rose garden under a marble column.
The formal gardens are closest to the house. These were on view from her bedroom, as JCB said in her post.The retro blue chairs are original to Marjorie's reign here.I'm a sucker for the beautiful garden statuary.It was a damp day and plants were heavy with their new leaves and the moisture. Everything just weeps: A very luscious garden.
The plaque above states that this ivy is from Buckingham Palace.
And that this boxwood is from nearby Mt Vernon.The moss was green on the Japanese Garden waterfall.
I thought these Iris in the cutting garden were really spectacular. I had never seen any like this before.
Wisteria drips over the edge of the breakfast room.It will become even more full and lush later in the season.On the other side of the breakfast room is this newly gilded fountain. I was told they cover it in the winter time to protect the gold leafing and keep it bright.Not all of the beautiful blooms are outdoors though. The green house houses a huge collection of orchids of all different types and colors. I loved these reddish orange orchids: for some reason they made me thirsty! Reminded me of blood oranges I suppose!Moss growing on a water storage container. Is there anything prettier?
Visit Hillwood! Information on their WEBSITE.